What to expect from a session

Sessions last between 50minutes and an hour. The initial
session (often termed the assessment session) is an opportunity to discuss what issues have led to you seek therapy. This allows the therapist to gain an understanding of your expectations and aims for counselling, and subsequently make recommendations or facilitate a discussion about how therapy may be able to help. 

This session is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and consider whether you feel that you can work with the therapist. At the end of the session you are welcome to make another appointment or go away and think about you options and make an appointment at a later date.


Therapy can be time limited e.g. a set number of sessions such as 6. Explorative/personal development may take
place over a longer period of time. Or sometimes individuals prefer to have a single consultative therapy session. Equally sessions may be weekly, or have a longer time between appointments. Appointment frequency can be discussed at the initial session and be flexible to meet your needs.

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