What is counselling psychology & how can it help me?


“Counselling psychology is the application of psychological knowledge to the practice of counselling.”


Woolfe, R.(1996). The Nature of Counselling Psychology, in The Handbook of Counselling Psychology, Ed by R Woolfe & W Dryden. Sage London.




Simply put, this means that knowledge gained through the science of psychology can be applied in counselling to help individuals manage and overcome emotional difficulties and embark on a journey of personal development. It relies heavily on the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for bringing about positive change.




Counselling Psychology can help with issues such as:


Depression and low mood -


Do you suffer with disturbed sleep, lack of motivation, a change in eating habits, poor concentration? All
of these things can be symptoms of depression.


Anxiety including
specific phobias, panic, and OCD -


Physical symptoms of anxiety include shortness of breath, an increase in heart rate, sweating and shaking. Other indications of anxiety can be avoiding situations, or thoughts of the worst happening.



Self-esteem and low self-confidence -


Thoughts that “I can’t do that” “they are better than me” are common thoughts in someone who experiences low self-esteem.


Eating disorders-


Changes in eating habits,
secrecy, and binging, purging and restricting food intake can be an indication
of issues with food.


Relationship issues




And many more.


This list is by no means exhaustive but just gives a flavour of the types of difficulties which can be helped with psychological counselling.





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